Who am I kidding???

First of all…. full disclosure….that’s not my bra, it’s my 23-year-old daughter’s; however, I did wear cute Victoria’s Secret Bras until I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and read an article about bras…and then I switched to sports bras…yes they are bright colors aren’t they.  Okay more disclosure..they were on the sale rack at Kohl’s, which goes with another one of my sayings….Never Pay Retail!

So dear hubby did leave for the weekend and I finished this:

However, Katie and Jimmy called while doing their taxes and asked if I had received a certain statement from their rental home.  I told them I would call them back since I had so many stacks of mail/paperwork to look through…here:


and here:

Oh yeah and on the couch here:

Okay this is ridiculous.  No more quilting until I get this paperwork filed or shredded or entered into quicken!  Ooops I mean no more quilting after this weekend until I get the paperwork taken care of.

After having a shot or two of this:

I’m eating this:

Fresh sauteed asparagus with a chopped up precooked teryaki chicken breast.  May I just say the Fireball Whiskey tastes like red hots.  Yum! 

So let’s see that is quilt #7 for the year, 4 to go!


Tasty Tuesday

Wow this fits in today for me.  My DH left for his annual hunting trip today.  He asked me to make some macaroni salad and a dessert.  I suggested his favorite cookies.  This is the recipe I used:


I had never made macaroni salad before in my entire 52 years, but then before my Life Shift, DH has done 98% of all the cooking and grocery shopping for our past 30 years of marriage (I actually cooked the first 2).

So the recipe I used was:


Can’t find the picture I took of it, but it turned out really well.  I did substitute red bell pepper and red onion.  I also added sliced olives.  DH pronounced, “I would eat that”.  What can I say, he is a great cook and to him that was the ultimate compliment!