Fibromyalgia or not???

I had my second visit with my rheumatologist after having an MRI of my cervical spine and the prednisone taper.  First of all may I just say having an MRI is AWFUL!  I managed to get through it praying something like this:

Hail Mary Full of Grace, Glory be to the bang, bang, bang noise…….um….Glory be to (oh my heart is beating so fast), Glory be to …..who?    Oh yeah Glory be to the father, son and (oh I need a drink of water so bad)Holy spirit, as it was …..bang, bang, bang, Hail Mary full of Grace the Lord is with thee, Blessed art though, bang, bang, gang…Our Father who art in Heaven, bang, bang, bang…yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil….wait that’s not right.  Hail Mary Full of Grace…..Crash, bang, He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the wings of the almighty, whoops that the 91st Psalms…..okay that’s it I am getting you out now.  Seriously that is about how the entire MRI scan went!! I am proud of myself for not screaming to get me out at anytime during the entire process, but I did have a few close calls! 

So the doctor (she is a she doctor) thinks I have a connective tissue autoimmune disease…we just don’t know which one yet.  So I will be having more blood tests and was put on two additional meds and discontinuing one I am on.  So I will let you in on a little secret on how to get a good night’s sleep, take 20 mg of amitriptyline and 5 mg of Valium.  Yes that’s right she put me on Valium along with Plaquinel.  Personally I think it is best not to read any of the drug literature that comes along with new prescriptions.  I mean who in their right mind would take anything if they read all the possible side effects?   I slept great!

I am having a small amount of pain and will keep my pain journal going another 4 weeks until I see her again and report how these meds are doing.  My MRI showed 2 bulging discs, no wonder my neck was bothering me!   I don’t know which is better, fibromyalgia or autoimmune disease?  Which would I rather have….neither!

Oh well…. life goes on……

 Here is DH and granddaughter making guacomole.  Ally loves to help hairy grandpa cook!  What did I tell you Iris!

4 men in a kitchen (including Landon the dog, who is obviously hoping for some dropped treats).

This is my husband and son-in-law Christmas 2009.  Eat your heart out ladies! HAHA.


Well I can’t sleep, might as well blog….

Okay this is ridiculous.  It’s 12:22 people….hey that’s my birthday!  

I saw a rheumatologist today at my internal medicine group doctor office.   Yes indeedee I have fibromyalgia, along with osteoarthritis, bursitis, and some questionable spots on my face.  And by the way, hows about a couple of injections in your hips….ummm…no thank you, really I’m not that bad….

So my new gung-ho doctor puts me on amitriptyline, which is supposed to help me sleep AND a prednisone taper.  Oh goody, I already cannot sleep.  I’m sure once I start the predisone I will be up for the next 10 days. Perfect, just in time to have a visit from my 2.5 year old granddaughter, for whom I made this very cute quilt.  Notice the backing, so soft polka dot minkey, notice the already tired looking me, and that was after a good night’s sleep:

I also made matching doll blankets for Ally and my little neighbor Paisley:

Here they are having a snack, notice the rice chip hanging out of Ally’s mouth, no doubt with hummus on it:

Anyway back to drugs…. I could take an ambien, but oh no I had to look up amitriptyline on and there is an interaction with Ambien, it could make me tooooo sleepppyyyy… but I dunno at this point I am willing to chance it.  Maybe first I will go turn on the TV and see if there is anything so boring it will put me to sleep, like a good infomercial….

Oh no… is that a hunger pain I just felt?????

Life Shift is correct for another reason

I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  This comes as a complete shock to me.  I have been in pain since about April 2009, when my right shoulder became “frozen” from my work (medical transcription).  Since then I have gone “downhill” physically, but I really related it all to the comp injury.  Through specialists evaluations (since I have not been getting better), this is what has been diagnosed (along with cubital tunnel syndrome).  Plus the pain is manageable on 1 pain pill and 2 Naprosyn every day.

So my life is taking another shift.  All the ideas for being home and cooking and canning and quilting and knitting and organizing are all going to have to be done at a much slower pace.  I was diagnosed on Tuesday this week.  On Wednesday I checked out every book the library had on the subject (can you tell I am a proactive type of person) and picked up a gel shoe inser since my left leg is shorter than my right.   Thursday DH and I went to GNC to buy my mega vitamins and supplemental B vitamins the doctor who diagnosed me recommended.  I also talked to the therapist who runs the chronic pain management group.  Friday I didn’t do a lot.  I did work on my quilt and knitted a bit.

Apparently I will need to exercise every day, eat really well (The Zone Diet has been suggested in one of the books), and pace myself, minimizing stress.  I certainly do not want to give up gardening or my crafting as it brings me such a sense of satisfaction.  Luckily I got all that canning done the day of my appointment and I finished before finding out! 

Instead of starting a new fibro blog, I am going to use this blog for my entire life shift.  Onward!